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Chrome Keyboard Short-Cuts to Clear recent/All time History

Chrome Keyboard Short-Cuts:

Google chrome logoGoogle Chrome browser offers a high speed performance to all the internet users.It also let you a wide variety of options to manage and control the preferences of the browser.Many of the webmasters , online Users may sometime surf internet through Net cafes or from public computers that may give chance to others to know your private history or browsing data which may cause some unexpected happenings to your confidential data.So,be careful  when you are on the public computers.
Either You can use incognito window which does not save your passwords and other browsing history on that computer.Otherwise Use Chrome keyboard short-cuts which are given below to clear your recent or all time browsing history.

Chrome Keyboard Commands to clear History:

1).Ctrl +Shit+Del -By clicking this you will get the clear browsing data window and you can select the browsing history to delete.

Chrome keyboard shortcuts to clear browsing data

2)Ctrl+H-By clicking this you will be getting browsers history page.

Chrome keyboard shortcuts to clear browsing data

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