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How to protect yourself from spyware Keyloggers software

Learn how to protect yourselves from keyloggers to avoid loss of confidential data like passwords, credit card details etc.If you are unaware of this type of software then You might be having a question in mind, what are key-loggers and how they work ? Why the Key-logger software was developed ?

Here is the answers for your questions.Keyloggers are software applications which can install and run on computer to record the keystrokes which are typed on keyboard without knowledge of user.This was actually developed for a useful purpose.But, indeed some hackers are using it to hack the passwords and some of the users data by capturing and recording the typed data.

In the online there are many keystroke or key logger software to download keyprowler , Elite keylogger etc you can download them to use it on your computer.

Sometimes if when you are using a public computer or your computer which is used by more than one user can install this type software to track you details and confidential data.If you are afraid and want to know a computer is installed with such type of software.This can be done with simple steps which are given below.

Detect a Spyware Keylogger on your computer:-

Follow the simple steps and protect yourself against keyloggers and spyware software.

The first and foremost thing you have to do when using a public computer or your computer which was used by many users is check the task manger to find out which programs are running.This can be done by pressing CTRL+ALT+ENTER on your keyboard.Check the list of programs if any are suspicious.

Use Run commands to find spyware keyloggers :

You can find spyware keyloggers on a computer using Run commands.
Start menu
Type "msconfig" and Enter
Then you will be getting a window, now select services.
Here you will be displayed some of the programs that launch when you start up your computer now uncheck the programs which are suspicious.

Use Antivirus:-

Use a powerful antivirus and anti keyloggers to detect keyloggers.If you are on public computers better perform the above steps.It is very good if you are using a one time accessible passwords.

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