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Tips to Learn speed typing on Keyboard

Keyboard typing plays a every important role for very online user and even for employers in a software companies.Now-a-days some of the Govt sector (Postal Jobs recently) and also private companies are recruiting candidates by conducting Typing test.

If you are the one who are looking at the keyboard and typing slowly you landed a right place to learn how type without typos and looking at your monitor.

Here in this post i would like to share you simple tips that can increase your speed typing.Follow the steps Carefully, Be patient and practice it everyday.

Tips for Speed Typing:-

»Check your Position:-

  • It is very important to know that how you will sit while typing will effect your typing speed.
  • Sit up straightly.
  • Ensure that your keyboard is at comfortable height to type.

»Position your Fingers on Home Keys:-

  • Place your Right hand and Left hand on home keys (A,S,D,F -Left hand Fingers|J,K,L,;-Right hand). 
  • Always keep back your fingers to home keys after typing any other keys.
  • Locate the position of home keys by small tabs on the keys F and J.You can find it on you computer by your index fingers.

»More Practice to become More Familiar:-

  • You can only increase the speed with your daily practice.
  • Don't forget to type the letters in Capital.By holding the SHIFT key with the pinkie(small finger).
  • Practice the regular symbols or expression to maintain the speed.
  • Practice numerical digits by typing the phone numbers and other digits.

»Use Online Typing Resources:-

  • There are many websites that offer free online typing were you can learn online typing easily this will be very useful to learn typing fast.
  • Test your typing speed through online typing test websites.Here you can calculate Word per Minute (WPM).So, that you can improve your speed next time.
  • Enjoy while learning typing thorough online typing games. (Check below for website resources)

»Download Typing Software for offline Use:-

You can directly download typing software in your computer offline use. so that you need not to visit online typing websites every time.

»Final Word:-

As I said earlier in this post first of all identify or recognize which finger for which key and then daily start practicing either by using online resources or offline software.Daily observe your typing speed.Definitely with in no time you will gain speed typing without errors.

»Downloads and Resources:-

Here are some of the resources that can help to improve your typing speed Check out below. (Both online and Offline).

www.Typingweb.com this websites provides free online tutorials to speed up your typing and you can learn typing online for free.

Download KeyBlaze software to use it for offline practice.

Qwerty Warriors is one of the best online Typing game i prefer because you enjoy the game simultaneously you can also improve your speed.

*Give your comments in the comment section.


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