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Mediafire online Storage offering 50 GB for Free Accounts

Mediafire free online storage and file hosting service
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Media-fire is one of the best online storage services for files.Most of the bloggers and websites use this service for storing their files because of the advantage that it does not delete the files once you have linked it in your website.
Recently it has expanded its storage to 50 GB which is far more better than the online storage services like Google Drive , Drop-box and some other popular cloud storage services.Read out this article to know more benefits and features of this online storage service.

MediaFire Online Storage Advantages:-

  • You can store up to 50 GB with in your free Media fire Account.
  • You are allowed to download any number of files without any speed or band limitations.
  • You can create 15 one time links per day with in your free account.
  • Drag and Drop feature allows to upload your files more easily.
  • Documents such as PDFs, word, word documents can be edited with out downloading.

Account limitations:-

  • Maximum upload or download size of files is 200 MB.
  • Your account will be deleted if you are inactive for certain period of time.

Desktop Media-fire app:-

MediaFire is offering a desktop app called "Mediafire Express" ,You can download this app in your system.You can use this desktop app to upload your files without opening you browser and visiting the official website every time.

Create your free Account here

It will delete the files hosted in their Online storage which violated copy rights act according to their policy rules.

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  1. Out of curiosity I got some of your lines above are so contradictive and please kindly give me a clarification on the same.

    "....Account limitations:-
    Maximum upload or download size of files is 200 MB"

    Does this means that you cant UPLOAD a 700MB file to mediafire or does it means this only consern to Download & Upload SPEED?. If so then, why Have I been able to upload my 700MB file to Mediafre without problem.


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