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Microsoft Malware Prevention fix it tool Download

Microsoft Logo IconMicrosoft released a automatic computer security check tool Called MicroSoft Malware detection tool  that detects all the settings in windows such as  Firewall,Antivirus ,UAC and some other sections.However our   Personel computer shows all the changes that happened in our system on system tray.But it won't resets all the settings.Microsoft malware detection tool detects the changes that happened during the time of  installation of new operating system (OS) and also after  clearing of Viruses and it resets settings to default that prevents your computer from malicious effects.

"Microsoft Malware detection tool is a Fix it tool that diagnoses and fix windows computer security problems automatically".

This tool is used to Fix following Security Problems:

  • It prevents hackers from controlling you computer by enabling Firewall on your Windows OS system.
  • This tool spots your Antivirus if it is out of date and if there is no antivirus it recommends you to use MSE ( Only Genuine Windows can install this )
  • It dectects the bad settings in your computer
  • Checks the internet Explorer browser settings and its cookies.
  • Resets Remote Registry back to default to prevent remote modification.
  • Resets UAC to default to prevent remote modification.
  • Checks your Browser updates and clears history and cache.
Click here to download this software

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