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Easily Convert Audio and Video files Online to any format

Using online resources is quite easy and comfortable when comparing to download the whole big software Programs and some other to our computer. Of course, it is useful in some cases, but OK let us leave the topic it’s not the time to talk about pros and cons of Online and Offline resources.

On web I have found many converter apps but most of them don’t have all the tools and converting formats. The one which I’m introducing now is a one stop web platform for all the online audio, video convertor tools. There is no need to register or do anything blah blah blah. Simply upload the file whether it is an audio file or video file and choose to which format you need it and then download the converted file.

Beyond this it has many options like selecting files directly from cloud service (Google Drive, Sky Drive and Dropbox), Choosing URL option to convert the file which is located at specific URL address and many other tools for your files.

Note: To Convert files from cloud services Online video converter asks permission to use your basic account information.

After selecting the file to upload, a process begins, wait for a while until the file is uploaded. After the file is uploaded select the format in which you want the file to be converted. Other than converting audio and video files you can extract audio from your uploaded video files and convert then to MP3, MP4, and WAV etc.

If you want to convert audio file simply select the file from your local drive or could storage and then upload it. Select the quality from the options provided there and the format. Look at the below screen shots.

For converting video do the same process as above but for this you need to set the resolution type to HD 1080p, DVD, TV etc. according to your wish.

After setting all the options for you files just click convert that’s it file starts converting and you can download it.
Note: In URL section not try to add YouTube videos URL I have tried it but it is not working.

Click here to visit Online video converter


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