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Winamp music player free downlaod

Winamp music player Logo
Winamp player for audio and video allows you to play any kind of multimedia file and the output of this player is very smooth and quite appreciable when comparing to other music/video playing softwares.

Now the latest winamp softwares is offering a variety of features ,during the installation process you can select the option which you wish to run in you pc.There are third party running software attachments for this new download.

Winamp player latest Skin
Wireless desktop synchronise with Winamp for Android devices
YOu can download iTunes form library directly
Outstanding podcast service admitting new directory  by Mediafly
 Windows 7 support including taskbar player controllers
Sixteen languages included in this new software
A modified playlist with good  screen background
Toolbar to control playback from your browser directly with out leaving from your online work (optional)

Compatible with all Windows operating systems like vista ,XP etc
 Languages: Multiple languages are available for users interface
License: This is a Freeware software available at www.winamp.com

This software is officially released worldwide on june 21st 2012

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