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Open Links on your page by typing -without using Mouse

User who hate to take their hands off the keyboard should try Dead Mouse.This is a Google chrome extension which lets you click and open any link on the webpage by typing few characters that are in the anchor text of the link.

You can install this app on the Google web store after installing this chrome extension you can open links on the keyboard itself for that you need to type few characters ,the first link which is matching to your search will start jiggle(As shown in pic) .Now hit enter to play along that link or you can also open link by pressing Shift+enter to open the target webpage in a new tab.

Open Links on a Webpage by Typing – No Mouse Required

NO mouse keyboard commands to open links

  • Type the characters that you want to search 
  • Press enter to follow the link you need. If there are multiple links that match you search Use Tab key (Shift+Tab to reverse style) 
  • Use Escape to cancel the search on your Keyboard. 
 Note : There are no special settings to use this features on your Chrome browser.But it may not work well in some site that have its own Keyboard shortcuts like Twitter,Gmail Etc.

Keyboard shortcuts for Firefox users to open link:

Firefox users also have another option that need not any add-on to open links.
From your keyboard just press ("/") (slash) and type the text you want to search. The first matching link to your search text will be highlighted and press enter key follow the link.


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