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Google Webmaster Tools Now Adds Crawl Error Alerts

Google webmaster tools new features

 Google Webmaster Tools Crawl error Alerts:

Google webmaster tools which is the popular online tool to get the performance reports of your site now added a new feature that can let you know the Crawl errors of your website or particular page of the website.Of course Google previously send reports when any new admin is added to your site or when your site is hacked or any mall-ware is added to your site.But now with its new Crawl errors alerts you can go through  each crawl error of your site on Google search engine this can help you in tracking the website without any Crawl errors.

Google will send you alerts on the Specific Page alerts and website issues:

Site wide alerts admits:

    domain name server host is down or misconfiguration issues
    web server itself is firewall issues
    web server is  associations from Google bot issues
    web server is overloaded, or down issues
    site’s robots.txt is inaccessible issues

Page specific alerts admits:

    Server erroneous
    Soft 404
    Access denied
    Not found
    Not followed

You can also have the facility of forwarding your webmaster tool alerts to your Email.This can be setup by opting Email forwarding option in your account.


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