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Enable Two-step verification for Dropbox Account

Cloud store service Dropbox added a Two-step verification for users.This feature is to increase the protection for the users account by sending a verification code to mobile.How ever this was not fully implemented for all the users in an open source.Dropbox will soon announce the complete feature for using it on online.But know you can enable this through an Dropbox.EXE file by downloading it into your system

Steps to Enable two-step verification for Dropbox:-

»Download and install latest Dropbox forum build 1.5.12
»Sign in to your dropbox account and visit two step verification page.
»You can also find this two step verification tab on you Dropbox account page.
>Account sign in section.
>Two step verification tab (bottom of the page)
>Click change.
>Click Get started button to enable this feature.Do the remaining process as per shown in the dialog box while enabling.
That's it now are enable to two step verification process.

Now you will receive a Six Digit security code when ever you add a new device to your account.
Dropbox is also offering  "Emergency Backup Code"  which you need to remember to use it whenever you lost mobile or if your mobile is out of network area.

Download latest Dropbox.EXE here.

Benefits of two step verification:-

We all know due to security threats Facebook and Google also added mobile verification process to make sure that users accounts keep safe.Of course it was little bit irritating to enter the security codes once or twice but enabling this can have one more layer of protection to your accounts.
If somebody tries to hack your account you will be notified through the security alert (code) on your mobile.
You can protect Docs , files, Photos, Videos and every thing online without the fear of losing it.  

Keep your account safe by enabling two-step verification to you accounts not only Dropbox but also for every account that has this feature.


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