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McAfee Social Protection App to Secure Facebook Photos

 The Anti-virus company McAfee released a new beta Facebook Social protection App that protects all your Facebook Photos.This App secures all photos of you and Photos of your friends in which are tagged.Let me explain in detail about this App.
It helps in preventing others from manipulating your photos.They cannot Download, Copy, and even  to screen capture.

How to install McAfee Social Proctection
McAfee Social Protection Page

How To use McAfee Social Protection App?

This is available as a Facebook plugin.
Before going to use you need to sign in to your Facebook account.
Then Go to McAfee Social protection page to allow this app.
Allow this app to access your account.
It accesses all your photos and personal information according to their privacy policy.
Next your system must have photo viewer.(Windows 7).
Head over to the tabs and upload photos from this app.
You can also view protected photos in "MY PROTECTED PHOTOS" tab.

Things to Remember:-

Beta app doesn't have the option to Delete. so think before while you upload.
Image viewer only supports windows 7 and latest higher versions.
If you are using chrome browser it won't support.So download supported browsers Firefox 8.0, Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher.

McAfee Social Protection

I got this alert as i was using chrome with windows vista as operating system.

McAfee Social Protection

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