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How to change Windows 8 Metro UI Interface to Old Classic interface

Learn how to convert windows 8 Metro UI interface to Old classical interface .Metro UI is one of the new technology Microsoft has released to interface in new style.But this mostly worked for touchscreen and tablet devices.To satisfy your wish here comes one UI that can turn the new metro UI interface to the old classical interface.

Thinix Retro UI which was developed by Thinix software solutions allows you to bypass the metro user interface and turns it to old classical interface.
This tool lets you to choose either the metro or  classical interface of you wish freely.

Functions of RETRO UI:-

After purchasing and downloading this software you can access the following functions.
This UI allows you to change from metro interface to classical interface.
You can change back and forth to any interface of your wish after the login.
After each login your system show the classical interface and you can turn it freely to metro interface if you wish.
Some of the features like Charms Bar, Hot Corners, and Metro Switcher Etc will be completely disabled and inaccessible.

Anyone can use this software who are not satisfied with the new Metro Interface.This can be downloaded at Thinix in three modules consumer license , Pro license for business, commercial and Government and Pro version for non profit organizations.

Click here to download Retro UI 


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