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Top 3 YouTube Features you must know

YouTube logo-Is a trademark of YouTube.YouTube provides us with a numerous features and User Interfaces that makes it pretty Awesome and makes easy to search and view videos.It has some in built tools and services were we can enjoy the Free Music and Videos of YouTube with some more intensely .YouTube Disco, YouTube Lean-back and one more new feature Unlimited YouTube. Each feature has its own importance check one by one.

YouTube Disco Feature:-

YouTube Disco is a wonderful feature were you can find the tracks of your Favorite Artist or a song and play them like as you are playing on a Music player.You can also play top 100 tracks on YouTube.Just select your favorite Artist or song and click play and get back to your seat.It starts playing your tracks one after one. 

Click here to enter YouTube Disco page.

YouTube Lean-back Feature:-

YouTube Lean-back service is a feature were you can select the song or artist and play the related tracks of that songs like a playlist.You need not to every time use controls, just enter the song in search box and it starts playing the tracks.The video will be shown in big screen and you will find the controls at the bottom.Use down arrow to see the information or related videos.

Click here to enter YouTube Lean-back page.

Unlimited YouTube Music:-New

Unlimited YouTube music is a latest YouTube feature were you can use YouTube as a music Radio.This is available at YouTube app spot.It has very good user Interface and it creates a playlist related to that song.This is just like a radio with unlimited music.

Click here to enter Unlimited YouTube Music page.

Technology Involved:-

Here in the above all YouTube Features that it is using only one technology i.e, a Related feeds API to get all the related videos of our search.For more information about YouTube API's and codes visit YouTube developers site.


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