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Track Santa Claus on Google Maps and Internet Explorer

Santa Claus Tracker
As the Christmas season started Santa Claus also started his journey to entertain kids and to present gifts to them. So, if you are eager to find where Santa is? Yes you can find him.
Microsoft with the help of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Google are tracking him till his end of the journey in this Christmas.
Microsoft’s Bing, Internet Explorer and Skype has designed Santa tracker with a new look. Here it is providing lots of Christmas Games, videos and music and a great animation work.
Google also providing the same service with the name of Google maps Santa Tracker. Here you can find the animations of Santa Claus travels on flight, journey in Island, and his village and much more entertainment.
In both the services you have option like Facebook, Googleplus and Twitter options to share with friends
So, friends if you want to track Santa Claus on web click here for Microsoft tracker and for Google Maps Santa Tracker click here.
Happy Christmas in Advance !


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