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Hurry Up walkin thorough Facebook job recruitment

Facebook Logo Icon for blogger postsPopular social media site is now planing to recruit its members from its own platform.This is because as now the competition in social network sites are increasing and its too head ache to maintain in the first position.We know that some of the social sites we logged through have been dissapeared in recent days.
LinkedIn google plus and pinterest like some other sites are getting its popularity in recent days.So facebaook is inching towards recruiting its members for the jobs.
For this purpose it is partnering with one another company.It is planning to post the jobs in the places where the unemployment is more.The worth of this project of recruiting is about $4.3 million.
As known form some  media it is said that jobs will be posted in the Facebook site it self.
And Of-course  everyone is tries to be part of this company.So hurry up! get ready to attend Facebook job recruitment interview.


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