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Multiple Gmail Accounts easily-Google’s opt-in Account Chooser

Google Opt-in Account Chooser for Gmail:

Google Opt-in Account chooser is really a time saving feature introduced by Google for G-mail Accounts.Now-a-days it is common to have more than one Email Accounts for different purposes , for webmasters and/or any Officials it is very quiet common to have a personal email account,one for office work and another for activities.But it is very risky to sign out from one account and sign-in to another, every time.Of course Google's multiple sign in feature is some how did a good job but not to Users satisfaction.So, Google has introduced this opt-in feature to opt your required G-mail Account with out need to type E-mail address every time.

How to Use Google Opt-in Account Chooser ? 

If  you are having multiple Google/G-mail accounts Just follow the steps below to enable this feature:

  • Enable Google Opt-in Account feature.
  • Add your First G-mail Account.
  • Select Stay Signed-in.
  •  Similarly add Another G-mail Account.
  • Like wise add any number of Accounts you want to use.
This completes enabling this feature.Next time when you visit G-mail Sign-in page you will be displayed with all the Accounts which you have entered.Click on the Account which you need to sign-in, it will automatically sign-in to your account.It may ask your password some times if you have not used that account recently.

Preview of Google opt-in account chooser
Preview of Google opt-in account chooser

How to Disable Google Opt-in Account Chooser ? 

If you want to disable or remove you accounts from this Opt-in Google feature you can do it at Disable Opt-in Account Chooser .

You can also re-enable Opt-in Account Chooser this feature at any time


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