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Microsoft unveils Sculpt Comfort keyboard compatible with Windows 8 ,7 and Vista

We all know that Microsoft has designed a new keyboard for Windows 8 in the early days of this year.Following that series it has been launched a new Keyboard called "Sculpt comfort Keyboard".As the name suggest it is easy and comfortable to use.The people who spend lot of time in front of the computer in writing Emails, updating blogs or websites and/or updating social networking status this is the exact keyboard that suits them.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

What's new in Sculpt Comfort Keyboard ?

Sculpt comfort Keyboard ImagesThe keyboard has given a new Microsoft’s Contour Curve design which made it look very unique design.It also changed some of the keys like Backspace and Spacebar.

Split Spacebar:

This is the first keyboard to split the spacebar into two by bringing down backspace to the right side of the spacebar key which comforts the users not to always lift his right hand and to use his pinky finger to hit the Backspace.

Plam rest:

It also added a Detachable palm rest and Cushioned palm rest to comfort the user by keeping his palm on that rest pad.This can be attached or removed form the keyboard according to your wish.
Sculpt comfort Keyboard Images


One more thing is it also added some new hot keys which will perfectly suits with the windows 8 operating system.This sculpt keyboard perfectly suits for Windows 8 OS .It  also compatible with Windows 7, Windows RI and windows Vista.

Availability and Price

This is available at Microsoft store and also at some other stores.The price of Sculpt comfort keyboard is set as $59.95(US).

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