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Design your Android themes with-Go locker themes Factory

Learn how to design themes for your Android devices.We know Google Play is offering many free themes and wallpapers for android phones but having our own theme with a unique style, background and icons makes us feel some what sound.
Go launcher Ex has a tremendous place in Play store because of its value added themes and widgets design for Android mobiles.Some of the popular themes are ICS theme,Sira theme,Ray theme,Shutter theme,Supper Zipper theme and Htc sense theme..etc.
"Go launcher theme Factory" is the service from the same company where we can design our own themes.The go launcher theme maker allows you to design your themes and you can download it.

Go Launcher Theme Maker:-

Go to theme Factory and sign into free account.For free sign in only you can save in your local server i.e., in your computer.
Select create new design.
Go locker theme maker for android devices
Now you can design your theme here, upload your own background images, you can design your icons and animations.
Go locker theme maker for android devices
There are many options to design your theme for android.The image in the sidebar shows you some of the features.
After designing your theme select package.You can see this in the above picture.

By clicking on package you will be getting a pop up window.

Fill it with appropriate details.You will be asked details like email, theme version and etc. fill all those.And after that your theme starts generating its takes a while to generate you Go locker theme so be patient.

Now you get a download link where you can download theme.That's it now you can use this theme on your android mobile.

Friends I just created a theme but didn't tried it on my Android mobile.So please try it and say whether it was working or not.
The above method is not working well and I have found that the link to
Go launcher Theme Factory is taking too much time. So try the below process.

Android app:

The above described process may take some time and links that I have provided are not working fine. So here is another way you can create theme for Android. There are few apps on Google play where you can simply download and use them.
Go launcher Theme maker app can design your own theme and Icons. There are many tools to draw and make colorful designed themes of your own style. You can download the app here.

Use-Full Links:-


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