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Micromax A250 Canvas turbo specifications and price

Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo is another Smartphone released on 24th November 2013.The new mobile was totally made up with new features and looks than its previous versions.The tag for this A250 phone is "Can juggle many lives". Some of the key features are movie screen ie., wide screen where you can seen high quality videos, popular known Android version Jelly Bean 4.2.1.(I think this was not latest version.), rear and front Cameras and MediaTek processor,Proximity sensor to increases the battery life.
There are many special features that which reminds us the development of mobile technology.Many of the functions can simply do by gestures only with out even touching phone.Few of the special features are user can unlock the screen simply by blowing on the screen, answers the calls directly when keeping phone on ears,turn the phone upside down to silent the incoming call, Multi tab video and pop ups etc.Price of this phone in India is fixed at Rs.19,999.

Full Specifications Details:

Micromax A250 Canvas turbo Full details


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